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 A bi-annual (1 week in the Fall and Spring) consignment sale's event of HIGH QUALITY children's clothes, shoes, toys, books, DVD's, baby items gently used maternity clothes, large furniture items and much much more. Consignors enter their items into our easy to use online system, prepareand price their items, and make 65% of all items that are purchased during the week of the sale. Consignors can review their sales online throughout the week and then pick up their check on the final day, along with their unsold items. We GUARANTEE all items (i.e. if an unsold item is not returned, then we will pay the consignor 65% of the price of that item). If consignors choose, unsold items can be left and we will donate them to a few hand picked local charities. 

• Do you have kids?  


• Do your kids grow?


• Are you a thrifty mom, dad, grandparent, aunt, uncle, etc....? 



....then YOU should consider Consigning, Shopping, and becoming a seasonal employe! 



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NEW THIS SEASON! Consignors, would you like to shop 30 minutes earlier than the time on your Pre-Sale shopping pass? As you are entering your items, choose to Discount (50%off) ALL and Donate ALL your unsold items at the end of the event. Donations will go directly to local foster families, school counselors, and Save the Family. Our experience has been that when a consignor chooses to mark items to be discounted for 25% off mid-week and then 50% off toward the end of the event, the consignor ultimately sells more and earns more! When you choose to Discount and Donate ALL items, we will Bump your Pre-Sale shopping time up by 30 minutes!!





See what sets us apart: 


  • Consignors make a minimum of 65% (up to 75% with Referrals)
  • Items are guaranteed! If you show up on Pick-Up Day and we don't have an item that we should, we will gladly pay you just as if it had sold! (kinda like insurance!)
  • Check is ready on Pick-Up Day
  • For the first time in the consignment industry, we offer VOICE ENTRY option via Smartphone! This is a time saver and a game changer!
  • Watch sales LIVE throughout the day
  • Consignor Fee is only $12.00 
  • Free Early shopping times
  • This is why Rhea Lana's now has 92 LOCATIONS in 25 STATES!




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